Christina Knaack, a single mother who works a minimum wage job to make ends meet, recently posted to Facebook about how she plans to use her tax refund money, and it’s going viral. Knaack has to work to support her two young children.

When she received her $5,400 tax receipt, she had a strong message for her Facebook friends about how she planned to use it. She said that instead of buying her children fancy gifts and clothing, she paid her rent for the entire year.

She added that a roof over her kids head is what is most important, and paying her rent for the year allows her to have an extra $450 per month to do fun things with her children.

The post has already received 18,000 comments, the majority of which are very positive. Many of them applauded Knaack for her sacrifice and great parenting.

One woman, named Molly McCracken, commented that she also used her refund to pay off $1,195 in bills.

She said that her kids never go without anything they need, but it’s important to have your priorities straight and spend money on what’s necessary. In just 14 hours, the post has received more than 154,000 likes and 69,000 shares.