With the holiday season in full swing and December 25th waiting just around the corner, many parents visit the local malls in hopes of letting their children get a glimpse of Saint Nick, sit on his lap and tell him all about what they’d like to see under their trees come Christmas morning. One family, in particular, visited the Cleveland Centre in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire and became quite surprised to see what Santa did with his hands as they captured the footage on video.

Their adorable little daughter hopped up onto Santa’s lap and after a minute or so, didn’t look very enthused as Santa spoke with her. The mother of the child said to Santa, “Sorry, she can’t talk very well.” Luckily, this Santa had the ability to quickly figure things out as he turned to the parents and asked if their daughter knew how to use sign language.

The mother responded by saying, “Yeah, she does animals and things like that,” Santa didn’t hesitate to start moving his hands around and before long, the two were communicating via sign language and the little girl’s face lit up like a fully decorated Christmas tree.

This heartwarming video has obviously gone viral with nearly a million views on YouTube and made a significant splash on Twitter as well. The incident itself has been compared to scenes from the classic film, Miracle on 34th Street, which is just a simple reminder that magical connections can be made during this special time of year.