A mother in California has stirred up controversy online. She was shocked when she saw the homework assignment that her son was asked to do.

People online are now debating about whether the mother or the teacher was wrong. The mother, whose name is Tari Cali, opened her son’s book and discovered that the whole lesson was about Islamic prayer and beliefs.

It even had a code that allowed students to scan and listen to an Islamic prayer on their phone.

Tari was upset because she thought that the teacher was trying to indoctrinate her son. She sent a message to the teacher saying that her son would not be participating in the assignment.

Tari stated that if the teacher had a problem with her objection to the assignment, then she was going to hire a lawyer.

She also posted a photo of the assignment on Facebook. Additionally, Tari posted Bible verses on her Facebook page.

While many people agree with Tari’s decision to not allow her son to participate in the assignment, others believe that she overreacted.

Many people believe that the teacher was simply trying to teach a history lesson.

The American Civil Liberties Union allows public schools to teach about various religions. However, schools are not allowed to force any type religious belief on students.