Shawnna Daniels was outraged after her son came home with broken arms.

She knew that something was wrong when she asked her son to carry his bag to his room, and he could not do it. He started to cry when he tried to pick up the bags. Shawnna’s son, Brayden, stated that her son was injured after he fell off of a slide.

Brayden was sent to the nurse’s office to be treated for his injuries.

However, the school did not notify Shawnna of her son’s injuries.

Shawnna took her son to the emergency room. Medical records show that Brayden broke both of his arms. The broken bones were not noticeable from the outside. Not only did Brayden break his arms, but he also suffered a chipped tooth and bloodied nose.

The nurse cleaned up his face and sent him back to class.

Shawnna believes that the school should have at least had the decency to notify her of son’s injuries.

Shawnna reached out to the Heavener School District, but no one has returned her phone calls. Brayden will have to wear casts for the next eight weeks. Shawnna has taken her children out of the school and has enrolled them in a charter school.