Chrissy and Larry Corbitt had been expecting a newborn baby to join their four other children. However, the Corbitts were not expecting the surprise that they got when it came time for Chrissy to deliver her child; the child was much larger than expected. Carleigh Corbitt, the newborn baby of the Corbitts, was so large that she needed to be delivered by C-section as opposed to a normal delivery. The doctor and medical staff delivering Carleigh could not believe how big she was; there was a pause in the room during the delivery. When it came time to weigh Carleigh, the hospital staff weighed her at 13 pounds and 5 ounces. Chrissy Corbitt believed that she was looking at a toddler, rather than a newborn baby, when she initially laid eyes on Carleigh.

Chrissy Corbitt knew that Carleigh Corbitt was special, during her pregnancy. Chrissy however was unsure of how many children she was carrying due to the size of her stomach, which kept expanding as the pregnancy continued. Contrary to her initial beliefs, ultrasounds confirmed that Chrissy was not having twins or multiple babies. These ultrasounds were confirmed when the medical staff held up Carleigh to the hospital curtains and displayed her to Chrissy and Larry. During this time, Chrissy believed that she was looking at a toddler rather than a newborn baby. When the time arose to dress Carleigh Corbitt, the nurses were unable to use the typical newborn baby-sized diapers. Instead, nurses used diapers that were several sizes larger than the typical diapers in order to give Carleigh a comfortable fit. Chrissy and Larry also could not utilize the clothing that they originally purchased for Carleigh prior to her birth. The Corbitts, after the birth, returned the clothing that they had for Carleigh and purchased clothing that would typically fit infants that are nine-months old. At the time, the medical staff of the hospital noted that Carleigh was one of the largest babies that they had every seen.

Carleigh Corbitt was born prior to her expected due date. This early arrival prevented Carleigh from growing even larger in size before her delivery. A few of the family’s friend that have weighed in on the pregnancy have mentioned that Carleigh most likely takes on her large size from her father Larry, who is a man with a larger stature. Many of the people who have commented on Carleigh have also mentioned that her large size, though unique, is not unheard of; multiple commenters shared their stories and experiences with babies who were over 12 pounds in size at birth. After delivering five children, both Chrissy Corbitt and Larry Corbitt agree that Carleigh is going to be their final child. Larry noted that Chrissy had her tubes tied subsequent to the delivery of Carleigh.