Many people believe that Millennials have it too easy and are rewarded for things that they do not deserve to be rewarded for. People disagree on the ways that Millennials should be parented.

However, it is important to note that every child is different.

That is why a parenting style that works for one kid may not necessarily work for another one.One mom believes that children should not be rewarded unless they do something right. She ranted about it on her YouTube page.

She stated that she believes that praising children after they have done something right will put them on the path to success. She also believes that children should not be praised for simply doing their best.

She believes that this will give children the incentive to not work harder.

Her video received mixed reactions. Some people agree with what she said.

They believe that when parents praise children when they do not do something right, they do a poor job of preparing them for the real world. Others disagree with her.

They believe that even if a child does not do a task correctly, they deserved to be praised for trying because they are in the process of learning.