A Christmas tree is a reflection of the personality and beliefs of the family. One mom is now firing back at those who have chosen to say something about her tree. She made the comments on social media after viewers started talking about the design.

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The mother’s name is Emma Tapping. She posted pictures of the family tree just like many other people do during the holiday season. Some people started talking about the ugliness of the tree and that her children are likely spoiled because there are several presents underneath. The mom lives in the UK. While shopping, she tries to save as much money as possible in order to give her children what they want.


As one looks at the tree, it’s clear that the children have numerous presents to wade through as there is a mountain of gifts. Some of the comments made are about parents being materialistic during the holidays, posting pictures about how many gifts they buy for Christmas. A point that has been made is that there are children who don’t get anything for Christmas or who only get one or two items. The picture has been shared by viewers on Facebook about 100,000 times. When Emma defended herself, she made it clear that the gifts were for her entire family. She is a woman who frugally shops in order to buy more for holidays. She has made statements that the comments made aren’t going to dampen the Christmas season for her or her family.

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