A mother-of-seven has actually been convicted to 28 years in jail after she denied food to her five-year-old stepson, required him to use a diaper, and made him go to sleep in a small storage room.

Tammi Bleimeyer, 37, was condemned of injury to a kid by omission on Friday after requiring Jordan Bleimeyer, now 9, to oversleep what the household called the ‘Harry Potter space’.

The small crawlspace, which was found under the stairs, had actually exposed nails and circuitry surrounding the only bed mattress.

Medical professionals stated Jordan, who just weighed 29 pounds at the time, had actually almost starved to death. They compared his state of malnourishment to a Holocaust survivor.

Bradley Bleimeyer, Jordan’s dad, pleaded guilty to the very same charge in 2016 and was sentenced to 15 years in jail.

The dreadful case initially emerged in March 2014 when Bleimeyer’s kid, who was 16 at the time, reported her to authorities.

He stated Jordan was being abused by his mom and 24-year-old stepfather, declaring the young boy was required to use a diaper and sleep in a small closet under the stairs.

However Bleimeyer, who was 6 months pregnant at the time, took Jordan from the house and declined to return when cops appeared.

Detectives then utilized mobile phone records to track her to a neighboring motel, where they discovered Jordan with Bleimeyer, according to KTRK.

Jordan was discovered covered in bumps and swellings and significantly underweight.

He was hurried to a neighboring medical facility, where a pediatrician stated he had actually suffered ‘extreme physical abuse and regular hunger’.

Physicians stated the young boy might have passed away within days if he had actually not been saved.

District attorneys later on exposed that Jordan was not permitted to consume at the table with his brother or sisters – who were all Bleimeyer’s kids. He was just provided a piece of bread to consume a day, which would be removed if he didn’t consume it rapidly enough.

The kid was likewise apparently drugged by his dad to keep him peaceful when visitors were over.

Jordan’s 16-year-old stepbrother likewise informed authorities he thought somebody had actually knocked his head into the wall and even stunned him with a Taser.

Authorities stated Jordan’s health decreased quickly after Kid Protective Providers checked out the Bleimeyer house in February 2014, according to the Houston Chronicle.

CPS had actually been examining the household that year and were contacted us to the house a number of times.

Bleimeyer was apprehended and charged in February 2015. She was sentenced on Monday following 10 days of testament.

She broke down in the Harris County Court House in Spring, Texas after the decision read and 2 of her biological boys took the stand.

‘ It’s no secret why we’re all here,’ among the boys stated in a ready declaration. ‘You made a huge error, and eventually, need to deal with the repercussions.’

‘ I’m up here to ask a rhetorical concern of how, how could you put your kids through all that? Individuals who need to be your pride and happiness.’

‘ You triggered me sensations of unhappiness, anger, confusion, and vacuum. I can’t state that I’ll ever be the very same mentally due to the fact that of this.’

Jordan has actually because been reunited with his biological mom Wendy Hall and CPS took custody of Bleimeyer’s other kids. Her newborn was provided to cultivate care.