The extent that some women go through to be able to achieve the absolute “perfect” image of their body, in their mind, is unreservedly extreme. Undergoing thousands and thousands of dollars worth of surgeries to feel “perfect” under your own skin could be controversial, yet many of the women who go through the process now live in what they feel is a “perfect” body. One female model, Aleria Vendano, believes that a women isn’t beautiful unless she has procedures done to her body.

Aleria is from Argentina and has invested her entire life into looking “perfect”. She not only has endured tens of thousands of dollars in surgeries, she also wears a corset twenty-three hours a day. Aleria states, “I love the feeling of the pressure, and I only take it off for an hour a day to rest and wash myself.” The doctors have advised against wearing a corset for that long extent of time, but Aleria has other views on it. She believes that she must go through whatever it takes to be “perfect”. This is big, because these Instagram Models, and public figures are also another kind of model. Role models for our children.

The fact that people justify modifying their bodies by provoking their feelings is what really makes this topic super controversial. Live and let live is what I’ve always said. Although, do you want your daughter wanting to modify her body? Most clearly have their own choice to do whatever to their bodies, but they were just as beautiful without the modifications. The imperfections is what makes somebody “perfect”. Although Aleria is happy with her mods, that doesn’t mean everyone should undergo plastic surgery. To achieve perfection is all an ideological standard you create in your own mind. Damaging your body to feel have a positive outlook on it is a persons choice, but it doesn’t need to be done.

Some things that Aleria is doing right is working out and eating healthy. The only way to have a “perfect” body is to take care of your body. If you invest time and effort into being on a work out schedule, as well as eating healthy, you will achieve a very “perfect” body. You must endure pain to become strong. Pushing your body just enough to progress will get you looking the shape you desire.

When you have a balanced diet with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and other vitamins or minerals, you are fueled with energy to do it all. The energy you get from the food will push you through the work out. The long term goal will be achieved through perseverance. A person has the right to feel comfortable in their own skin, and people do many different things to feel “perfect”. Like Aleria, you can pay and create your “perfect” body, or you can work and push and do all you can to feel comfortable in your natural skin. Whatever the case may be, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.