Instagram is a useful tool to market your personality and your likeness. Brit Manuela has found solace with this social media platform. Her current following is nearing 750K users and climbing. Most enjoy her likeness due to her spunky personality and her open-minded attitude towards her fans. She is a tell-all, keeping no secrets to her individual success story and her rise to stardom. The 25-year-old model and fitness ambassador is American born and works almost exclusively with the VPX brand. VPX Elite has chronicled fitness models for over a decade, creating a buzz around the brand that has aspiring models chomping at the bit to join their team.

Brit recently did a Q & A session with her valued listeners. Brit spends tireless weeks on the road, traveling for trade shows, modeling gigs, and other such work events. During her time on the road, she often has layovers and periods where she is free. This free time is spent sharing time with friends and family, but she also makes additions to her schedule to include the people promoting her likeness and modeling habits after her. The fitness model recently took to Instagram to help answer some of the burning questions fans had on their mind. With the open floor at their disposal, fans held nothing back when asking Manuela what was on their mind.

Brit spent nearly 15 minutes answering these questions, an event she would like to routine in the near future. What we discovered from her brought even more likeness to the woman she has become. The star is rather petite, standing a little above 5 feet tall and weighing slightly over 140 pounds. Her body type is sleek, so her frame suits her body type and makes for an attainable look for those looking to conquer their fitness goals. Her fitness advice: drink more water. One can never get enough H2O in their daily diet, so make sure you are getting you daily intake levels up. Brit was heavily involved in sports and dance in high school. She played softball and was involved in many different dance programs. When it comes to living in the past, two of her tips will ring true in her followers ears. Do not be afraid to take risks and do not let anyone hold you back from doing what you want to do with your life. These tips are just that small bit of extra needed to keep people moving in their day-to-day lives. One food that Brit will not be ordering anytime is sushi.

There are plenty of different entrees that she will entertain, this not being one of them. In terms of preference over a bigger bathroom or a larger kitchen, Brit has already put her home design plans into motion with the larger bathroom taking the title in this toss up. Looking to spruce your body up a bit? Brit loves tattoos and currently has five of them. She takes inking her body as a serious discussion, only creating additions that suit her life or adding artwork that has deep meaning to her. Additional questions surrounding her personal life were answered, but didn’t reveal too much about if she was currently on the market or not. This is just one of the many fun events we see coming from Brit and cannot wait for more in the future.