Mississippi has enforced a new policy that requires welfare recipients to either volunteer or find work for 20 hours per week.

Ever since this policy has been enforced, many people have been inspired to go out and look for work instead of sitting at home. Percy Fayard started volunteering at Feed My Sheep, which is an organization that provides meals to the needy. He stated that he is volunteering there to keep his food stamp benefits.

He is also looking for work. In fact, Percy stated that he is looking forward to working again.

He is trying to find a job that will pay him enough to take care of his living expenses. He does not mind putting in the hours to keep his benefits. He also stated that volunteering will provide him with more job opportunities.

Time will tell how effective this program will be at encouraging Mississippi residents who are on welfare to get a job. This same program was enacted in Maine.

It is estimated that 78 percent of the people in the program decided to drop out instead of getting a job. Hopefully, the situation in Mississippi will end up being different. Many people agree with this work requirement.