Many people live their lives trying to be like a celebrity. There have been a number of stories of people getting plastic surgery to look like their favorite celebrity. Jack Johnson is one of those people. He got plastic surgery to look like soccer star David Beckham. He has angered a lot of people because he used his government benefits to pay for the plastic surgery.

Jack Johnson talked about his surgeries on a show called “The Morning”. He stated that he wants to get more work done. He has spent over $26,000 in government benefits to pay for his surgery.

Jack has already had his teeth done, eyebrow lift and lip injections. He is also getting monthly tans because he wants to have Jack’s skin tone.

Jack believes that if he looks like David Beckham, then he will be able to meet other celebrities, such as Beyonce, Simon Cowell and Nicki Minaj. Holly Willoughby, who is one of the hosts of “The Morning”, questioned Jack about his plastic surgery addiction.

She asked Jack if he was concerned about the effects that plastic surgery had on his health. She also told Jack that he should just love and accept himself. Jack stated that he has no concerns about his health.

He just wants to look like David Beckham.