There are many people who dislike aggressive drivers. One man shows his dismay with an idea for the ultimate revenge.

He is especially tired of the people who like to ride on the bumpers of other drivers. His idea is perhaps the single best method of keeping those drivers away from your car.

Before you get on the road, you need to put a tennis ball on your rear windshield wiper. When you see someone following you too closely, you turn on the wipers. The ball goes flying in the road, perhaps hitting the front bumper of the car.

If the driver is paying attention, then it will be enough to get them to slow down and get out of the way rather quickly. The video posted of the remedy clearly shows that the ball is sitting just between the wiper and the rear glass.

There is a car coming up on the rear of the driver. He changes lanes to get in front of the aggressive driver. As soon as he gets in the lane, he turns on the wiper.

The ball bounces off and along the road. It does cause the driver of the other car to significantly slow down.