There’s a scam that is taking place at many gas stations in the country, and one man might have snapped a few pictures about how it’s being done.

The man was at a CITGO getting gas like normal when he noticed something odd. As he started to pump his gas, he realized that the station was charging him before he started putting gas in his car.

This is taking place at the Illinois gas station as well as other stations in the United States. In the video that the man took, you can clearly see that there are a few pennies added to the amount before the amount of gas begins to move.

This is a way that gas stations are probably getting as much as millions of dollars from people who don’t know that this is happening. Most people don’t pay attention to the price and the gallons on the gas tank.

Many gas stations probably realize this, so they can take advantage of customers not paying attention by getting a few extra pennies with each fill-up. At times, the meters break.

There’s nothing that the gas station can do unless the owner reports it to the proper company. However, it could happen because the store needs to make more money and wants to get that money from unsuspecting customers.