Being an Instagram model seems to be one of the new top paid jobs for millineals today. Abigail Ratchford makes just about 1 Million dollars annually. Yes, by simply posting photos on her Instagram account. This Instagram sensation is a 27 year old model as made a very successful brand of her name. With such a great following which is currently at about 9.1 million, she makes approximately $ 7,937 for each post she makes. Talk about living the dream.

Abagail has been a hot topic since about 2013 she has also made the headlines recently. She talks about her income and her job as a model, she even talks about how she began her career. The shocking amount of $907,344 USD has been revealed as her yearly income. Of course this is about 720,000 but still amazing, despite the currency. The model makes this income by simply posting photos to her Instagram account as well as Snapchat. Social media has been very popular for many years. Imagine being paid large amounts of money for every single picture that you post on your Instagram. The greatest assest on her team is her manager that negotiates every deal that comes thorough her email and other social media outlets. Having a close knitted relationship with her manager has really helped to balance things out. Because, managers get paid to take the load off and to take care of the business side of things such as legalities. Then having a trusted manager is perfect because the manager knows what she likes, supports and is flexible on. Therefore there is less room for error or accidental agreements with companies that she would not normally like to work with.

The model talks about how grateful she is to have reached such an extreme level of success. But, surprisingly, this fame was something she stumbled into by accident. The attention came from a random photoshoot that made it to social media and went mainstream. At this point is when the following started building drastically. Once the star realised that she would be able to bring in additional income by teaming up with major companies and brands, she started to treat this hobby as a job. With such large following comes along with a large audience to sell items to. This was the perfect market for the marketing industry. After the viral photoshoot, Abagail decided to get a little more experience in the industry. She then moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and started working with more professional photographers. This major career move as well as her steadily growing audience, has been the recipe for the ultimate success story. Along with glamourous photoshoots, affiliate products and partnerships with big brands, there have been numerous endorsements to come along with the deal.

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Fashinova clothing brand would be a great example of those larger companies. Although endorsements can offer a huge payday as well, Abigaile tends to be selectful. She is picky about who she works with but in a good way. She selects companies, brands and products that she would only be interesting in using for her everyday life. That way there is a realistic approach to selling and marketing all of the items that she has personally used. And thats what the audience loves, that she is realistic.