It’s not every day that the world sees something so patriotic and spectacular, but that’s what happened for a teenager in Bunker Hill, Indiana.

We’re sure Jacob Feazel nailed an outstanding score for his high school art project. Other students rushed their work through, but Jacob labored for 56 hours in his garage to complete a beautiful piece of art. That six foot long by four foot wide masterpiece has since gone viral, after his mom Stacey Feazel posted Jacob’s finished project on her Facebook page.

His project’s theme was all about the men and women who sacrifice everything to serve our country. Jacob created a huge American flag, and although the subject doesn’t sound unusual, the materials he used are quite imaginative.

Jacob meticulously painted red, white and blue toy soldiers and then, carefully glued them all onto a strong piece of wood to artistically create his American flag. There were 4,466 toy soldiers placed within the flag, and it was a stunning symbol of pride here in the United States.

Jacob has been blown away by the kind words he’s received since his American flag went viral. He’s quite touched by it all. “I just can’t explain it,” he said. “It’s awesome that it means so much (to others), and I’m getting so much support for doing this.”

The 2016 Maconaquah High School graduate has been getting plenty of offers to buy the flag masterpiece from him, but for now, Jacob says it’s priceless.