Finding inspiration in the words of others is something that comes naturally to those who can locate the conviction spoken by others. Being inspired by a famous quote or saying is something that we use to help us conquer our goals or get through our day to day lives. Savannah Morris is a famous Instagram model who takes pride in the many different quotes that have shaped her life. This southern belle has been posting to her Instagram account for nearly a decade and her following is nearing 500,000 subscribers. Fans love the lavish lifestyle that Savannah leads. Her namesake follows closely to her hometown of Savannah, GA. Being married to a billionaire definitely doesn’t hurt the status of this young model. Her inspiration comes from many different sources, to which we’ll dig into below.

One of the main things that Savannah takes to heart is her faith. She can often be seen taking from her favorite bible passages, often dealing from the book of Psalms. Her simple, yet elegant quotes help provide that little ray of light into people’s lives. These shorter bible verses are a quick read and she often adds some cute imagery with her sources to keep the overall look of the post pleasing for her viewers.

Savannah is also heavily vested in the world of television. Some of her favorite shows come from daytime and prime time TV series. She can often be seen quoting favorites like excerpts from Grey’s Anatomy. She also likes some of the most infamous movie quotes. Shedding light one some of her favorite sayings and quotes also helps paint the picture of her life for her fans. It dives into touches of her interests without revealing everything, which is something that has proven to intrigue her fans. Most of her followers patiently await her posts, as they know they are in for a treat or a blast from the past. Savannah utilizes her witty personality to keep her fans on their toes. Most of her fans have the expectation of delivery, but they never fully invest their marbles in terms of what source that will come from. They simply tune in and enjoy the small sayings and sweet quotes that Savannah is to post.

Morris has a strong social media presence and she is fully aware of her fame. She isn’t heavily vested into wealth, which helps keep her grounded and interacting on a friendship level with her fans. Her established connections come from people all over the globe. Most of these develops came from the simplicity in her delivery and the consistent usage of her platform to keep people vested into their future and enjoying bits of their past. She does it to keep people smiling and the world happy. Most of her strives are met with open arms.

Her posts can be seen spread across many different avenues and resources. Her involvement is constant and she wishes to keep this level of transparency with her fans to help them recognize that she is just like them in so many ways. Leading a life of simplicity as a celebrity is often difficult to achieve, recognizing her established balance as a true piece of beauty.