Former President and First Lady, George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush, had been known for their devotion to each other. George and Barbara first met at Christmas dance in 1941. Unfortunately, World War II began, and the new couple was split apart. Capture11-770x330

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George became a combat pilot for the U.S. Navy, while Barbara remained in the United States. However, the young couple continued to keep in touch, and they carried on a long-term courtship. When he had a close call during a bombing, the two lovebirds decided to get married as soon as possible. On January 6, 1945, they were finally married. Over the years, they have remained together through many changes. George and Barbara’s long marriage has been very happy, and they have had six children, including the one who later went on to become president himself. inauguration-hw

The couple continued to show their love for each other until their death, and they were even caught on the Astros Kiss Cam at a game recently. 2016 marked the couple’s 71st wedding anniversary, making them the longest married presidential couple. This record was previously held by John and Abigail Adams, who were married for 54 years. In 2000, George and Barbara surpassed the Adams’ record, and each year after that, they have broken their own record. Hopefully, they will be able to enjoy many more happy years together.