Lindsey is a southern belle who has full grips on what it takes to become a superstar. This 28-year-old was born in Louisiana. She credits her small-town roots to becoming the lead factor of her rise to stardom. Lindsey is well vested in terms of schooling, earning a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Louisiana State. It didn’t take long after graduation for Lindsey to let her entrepreneurial drive shine through. The recent grad moved to Los Angeles in hopes of scoring her first career breakthrough. The camera loved her just as much as she loved it, scoring major deals from some of the top marketers within the modeling industry. Lindsey would grace the covers of Maxim, GQ, and other such titles. These deals would help her really pick her feet up and get to her destination in terms of career aspirations.

Lindsey would go on to be featured in many different prints and television series. She is marketed in commercials, sitcoms, reality TV, and other such visual media outlets. She holds a radio presence when she started her own podcast “Eyes Up Here”. The podcast would broaden her horizon of followers, reaching the million mark in short time. Her biggest forms of influence comes from her social media accounts. She has well over a million followers on both the Instagram and Twitter platforms and banks another million when you add her Snapchat account to the discussion. Most draw from her looks. She is a tall, skinny blonde with curves. Due to her many different work functions, many have also been drawn to her witty personality.

Among the many different outlets that Lindsey operates on, none are more surprising than her weekly podcast. Her show brings many different celebrities to the stage, giving fans a nice back and forth to listen to on a weekly basis. Lindsey doesn’t shy away from the tough topics, adding politics, news streams, and other such coverage to her weekly shows. Lindsey is a big advocate for women against body shaming. Her weekly podcast explores stories from women who have been put through the ringer in these regards, taking personal accounts to the airwaves. She is steadily bringing the voice of real women to the airwaves and talking about some of the topics that are rarely touched in radio. The reality behind her goals is allowing people to speak out and be heard.

Her likeness has allowed many to come forth and find that release they need to move forward in their lives. The many different projects she is involved with keeps her schedule full and her running. She always finds time to interact with her fans to showcase that she has not forgotten her small-town roots. She is consistently being featured on all outlets and platforms, creating a bigger sense of fame than she could have ever imagined. She continues to use her successes for good and is even involved in many different charitable organizations that lend time and money towards good causes. There really isn’t anything that this blonde can’t do and she continues to share her story with others to create a sense of positivity and enjoyment.