Today’s wonderful story finds us in the United Kingdom with royals Prince William and Duchess Kate, visiting a support group session at a child bereavement charity known as Child Bereavement UK. It’s a great lesson in compassion and shows the world how beautifully the late Princess Diana had raised her two boys. Julia Samuel is the Stratford charity’s founding patron.

She also happens to be one of Prince George’s godparents. Ms. Samuel was also known as a close friend to Diana. Both Kate and William chatted with the children present and got to know them better.

One nine-year-old girl by the name of Aiofe, shared with the Prince her own sadness of losing a father to cancer some six years ago. It was a touching moment between the two, as the tall prince sat down at a children’s table to learn more about how the children were coping over loss.

William offered young Aiofe some tender advice, telling her to talk often about the loss of her father and that it was essential to do this. He also explained to her how he lost his own mummy, Princess Diana, at a young age.

He was 15, and Harry was 12. Aiofe’s big brown eyes shyly met the Prince’s gaze, and she understood the message he was trying to impart.

Child Bereavement UK is celebrating its one year anniversary. For photos and information about the event, click on KensingtonPalace at Britain's Prince William has comforted a young girl who lost a parent and spoken out about his feelings when his mother, Princess Diana, died two decades ago. During a visit to the charity Child Bereavement UK in London on Wednesday, William was seen speaking quietly to a 9-year-old girl, Aoife, about the loss of her father. You know I lost my mummy when I was very young, too. So we lost our mummy when we were young as well," he told her, according to the Daily Telegraph.