Cheerleaders are a big part of modern sports, but they are a little bit different in every sport. Not only that, but cheerleading habits and practices tend to differ very slightly between organizations and even nationalities.

For instance, American cheerleaders are fairly easily recognized on the world stage. Their outfits typically mirror the color schemes and themes of the teams for which they cheer, and they usually perform chants, short dances, and other techniques for revving up a crowd on onlookers.

Not every country treats cheerleading the same way, however. One of the most noteworthy examples is Lithuania, a relatively small country that many wouldn’t associate with world-class cheerleading or social trend-setting ability whatsoever. However, Lithuanian cheerleaders are basically in a class of their own.

Cheerleading in Lithuania is more about creating its own spectacle that is separate from the sports side of the event. Their outfits are usually more form-fitting and stretchy as opposed to the short skirts and sleeveless tops of the average American cheerleader.

Not only that, but sports events in Lithuania don’t include cheerleading as a supplement to the occasion, but rather its own fully realized sport.

Cheerleading in America does have some of the same features, especially for younger girls who are more focused on competition than cheering at games. However, professional cheerleaders in America do not have that same focus on competition, but that focus continues to drive cheerleaders in countries like Lithuania.

The presence of competitive cheerleading proves that sports are continuing to evolve.