When it came to the confirmation of Bret Kavanaugh Senator Lindsey Graham held nothing back when he went on television to discuss the efforts that many tried to take to discredit the Supreme Court nominee.

He went so far as to issue a warning to candidates that were in purple districts that if they tried to block the confirmation he would openly campaign against them in the midterm elections.

This was a warning that was not taken lightly by many in the Senate. All of these back and forth attacks stem from the fact that some Democrats think that Kavanaugh is a bad choice for the Supreme Court.

This is not due to him not being experienced enough, but more from the fact that he has had some sexual allegations that have been made against him.

Senator Gram came out swinging at those that he claimed were trying to discredit the good name of Judge Kavanaugh and talked about how in previous confirmations this type of witch hunt was not conducted.

He was vocal all through the hearings often times voicing his opinion towards the Democrats and saying how he hoped that they never actually got power in Washington. It was one of the more passionate exchanges that Senator Graham has had over the hearings and allegations that have been made towards Kavanaugh.

While the hearings and such went the way that he had hoped, Graham is still very fired up over the entire process and the way that Bret Kavanaugh was treated through the whole process.

The big argument that he had was that there was not conclusive proof that Judge Kavanaugh had actually done anything wrong. Many on the committees stated that they felt that Judge Kavanaugh was being targeted by the Democrats for the purpose of rejecting the nominee simply because Donald Trump had selected him.

These feeling came out in an interview he did on national television and made it clear what his intentions were regarding the democrats that had midterm elections in purple counties and states.

This is a move that is not common for Graham as he has rarely gone against another senator while in the Senate. Senator Graham went on to say that he was going to campaign hard to ensure that the Republican candidates in these areas won their elections and kept the balance of the Senate at the same level or even picking up a few extra seats.

Even with this threat, Nancy Pelosi said that she was planning on filing a Freedom of Information request for files that the FBI had regarding the Bret Kavanaugh investigation.

This was a move that did not sit well with Graham as well as a number of other Senate Republicans as they saw this as a move that was just trying to keep something that had already been settled open and in front of the American people.

The one takes away from this is the fact that the confirmation of Bret Kavanaugh was not an easy one and it was without a doubt a topic that has kept the lines between the right and left well drawn out and in place.

Lindsey Graham wanted what was best for the country and felt that the Democrats were just playing games because of the political race.