What’s the fastest way to get a viral tweet? By being caught in a lie about hiking. No, really. Casey is a freshman at Florida Atlantic University who has recently gotten called out by her older sister Carly. Carly’s public was of course along the lines of the fact that she was, “doing it for the gram.” The original post was made on Casey’s IG page. This picture was taken in a wooded area, with Casey wearing athletic wear appearing to preparing to spend time in nature. The caption stated, “Nature is the ultimate healer to all our problems #naturelovers.” The uploaded image also contained a tag for the location of Lake Okahumpka Park and Trail which is in Sumter County, Florida. With Casey’s revealing posts, it turns out the the actual location is none other than their own backyard. Funny right?

Well, Carly simply took her chance and ran with it. Instead of keeping the giggles to herself, she then took it upon herself to make a tweet that actually went viral, almost instantly. Carly, a current student at Florida International University, took full advantage of the sitution. This was enought to rattle her sister’s feathers. This little rebuttle, is the perfect example of an engagement between social media accounts. The two sisters both took their giggles to the internet. While they engaged with commenters they also engaged with themselves. Casey tweeted, “I feel personally attacked.” Carly followed with a tweet asking, “How was your hike?” And, the joke actually continues when Casey responds with, “invigorating.” Carly ends things with one last tweet stating, “Good thing you brought your water bottle to stay hydrated.” Its a cool thing to see siblings having friendly fun which may have turned out in both their favor. Carly seems to be doing well and continues to add funny captions to her IG posts.

There are arguments about the actual photos in the tweet. In one photo Casey is wearing a white crop top and in the other photo she seems to be wearing a piece of swimwear. However the internet seems to have amazing people that have devoted their time and skills to be investigators of social media. And, well, these people have broght to the publics attention that the white crop top in question, could actually be the article of clothing posted around the photographer’s neck. Yes, the photographer is acutually their younger sister as well. This encounter was very giggle worth but it also contains a great message.

The message is that you can either pose for your own stunts so that your siblings don’t out you. Or, you can just go the extra mile and take that hike, for real. Turns out that both sisters were on the receiving end of great benifits. Initially the twitter post had 40 thousand retweets and about 275 thousand likes. Both sisters gained friends and entertained trolling comments which kept the laughter going. Ultimately man commenters raved about the hilarious encounter, letting Casey know that it was something they also frequently did. Casey’s original post on instagram also seems to being doing great with over 2 thousand likes. It’s hard to say who came out on top of this sister, sibling rivalry.