A man who was out driving one day captured a traffic confrontation on his dashcam. He was stopped at a red light and noticed another man shouting at a cement truck from his vehicle.

After a moment, the shouting man exited his car and began walking to the cement truck to confront the driver in person. The truck driver, anticipating trouble, opened his door and waited for the shouting man. When he arrived at the truck, the driver kicked him in the teeth, sending his body flying back.

Police were called to the scene, and the truck driver was cooperative with their investigation. The dashcam video from the bystander’s car was uploaded to YouTube, where it drew many conflicting comments.

Some thought the shouting man got what he deserved while others said the truck driver should have waited for the light to change and just driven away.

It is not clear what set off the verbal assault. In most cases of this nature, the person who was physically aggressive first is the one who is charged although none have been filed at this time.

The cement truck driver is currently on leave pending the outcome of the police investigation. Neither man in the incident could be reached for comment.

Source: He Had A Feeling In The Pit Of His Stomach, So He Kept His Camera Recording by internetroi on Rumble