Jennifer Aniston once remarked that her husband Brad Pitt had a “sensitivity chip missing” after a photo layout of him and Angelina Jolie was published not long after their divorce was finalized. Now, a lot of folks are wondering about popular Instagram models lacking the same kind of “sensitivity chip.”

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At least two social media models have come under fire for racy photos that depict them posing in tiny bikinis in hurricane-ravaged regions. The women add captions to their photos that wish the victims of the natural disasters good luck and good vibes as they cavort upon beaches where major destruction and fatalities occurred. One of the Instagram models is Kara Del Toro, 25, who traveled to an island in Turks and Caicos. The area had suffered immensely when Category 5 Hurricane Irma plowed through claiming 18 lives and leveling numerous homes and businesses. It would cost billions to repair the massive damage.

Those who saw the image of Del Toro lying languidly on the beach tanned and looking nice couldn’t stay silent. Outraged Instagram users blasted the social media model calling her “tone-deaf and selfish” for stupidly displaying herself without a care in the world as others suffered from the loss of loved ones and a place to call home.

The Instagram model fought back with a war of words, however, telling angry victims that she, too, had lost her family’s property during Hurricane Ike. Del Toro is a native of southeastern Texas. She told the world in her social media posts that she has always been a strong fighter for victims of natural disasters and encouraged everyone to donate money to people and animals affected by hurricanes. Del Toro enjoys an Instagram following of more than 500,000. She said, “I dont see any problem with sharing a little light in this world.”

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Another social media model, Lana Alexandra, also received a verbal lashing for uploading attractive photographs from Puerto Rico following the devastating destruction of Hurrican Maria. More than 3,000 people were killed during the category 5 storm, and it left behind more than $91.6 billion in damage.

Alexandra was pummeled by social media users for lacking sensitivity. Someone told her off bluntly, saying that “Millions in the path of a hurricane with their property and lives at stake and your thought is to post this? #idiot.”

She, too, attempted to defend herself like fellow model Kara Del Toro. “Posting a photo in a bikini doesnt make you heartless person,” Alexandra shot back. Others blasted her and recommended that she use her free moments wisely by trading in her “vacation time” to “lend a helping hand” to the victims. What irked most Instagram users was seeing Lana Alexander posing in black while sitting on the edge of her hotel room bed in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

She ensured viewers that the hurricane “wasn’t bad at all!” Pathetic, in bad taste, crass, and clueless are a few of the other words slung back to the Instagram models for posing provocatively during a natural disaster.