Many celebrities keep their private lives under wraps. The reasoning for this varies, but most of it has to do with a person’s values and perspectives. One woman who is not shy when it comes to the camera is Abby. Abby is a famed personal trainer, fitness model, and social media personality from Australia. She has built a strong list of followers through her intense dedication to social media. Most of her content comes via self-promotion. She built her following a few years ago. She has worked as a personal trainer and a fitness inspiration for most of her life. The fitness industry is what drew her to modeling. She keeps her physique very toned and shaped. She recently had some plastic surgery to tighten up her look. She spends a large portion of her day training. Most of her training is broadcast through Instagram, sharing funny pictures or little video snippets of a routine she is working on. These small areas of influence are clicked on by millions. She ranks near the top of all Australian talents when it comes to the number of followers. Most of her following was built in a short period, creating an almost instantaneous success with her name and brand.

Abby does most of her posting and uploads to Instagram. This is the platform she used to gain recognition, so it is the source she relies most heavily on upon. Through her sourcing, Abby has used her name and likeness to create personal endorsements for new brands. Abby is all about the pursuit of the entrepreneurial spirit, so she takes pitches from companies every now and again. She has personally endorsed over 10 different brands. Most of these brands feature their own album work on her Instagram page. This featuring has allowed these brands free terms of marketing that generates plenty of views.

Being that Abby keeps top priorities and focus on her social media involvement, it is no wonder that she also posts a ton of content. The model has nearly 1,500 posts, which averages out to about 3 per day. Staying active on social media and in her day to day pursuits keeps this blonde constantly moving. She is also very involved with her fan base. The fans are what birthed her career, so she shows love and adoration whenever she can.

She will spend time posting fun Instagram stories that have fan-written questions posted. She isn’t one to shy away from some of the more difficult questions, keeping the atmosphere upbeat and lively. There isn’t much that Abby hasn’t done when it comes to social media involvement. Keeping her primary focus on Instagram also helps to limit outside distractions and unwanted interactions. Abby will continue to post new ways for you to burn calories and gain the body you desire. Follow her for new workout routines or to check and see where her career has taken her next. It is always a surprise and we welcome the entertainment value that Abby provides.