Alexandr Magala has appeared on talent shows a few times in his life. He even managed to make it to the finals in 2013 on “America’s Got Talent”.

He is now trying his luck on “Britain’s Got Talent.” He is a man of many talents. He can balance chainsaws and play with fire. However, his specialty is sword swallowing. When Alexandr walked on the stage, Simon Cowell asked Alexandr if his talent was dangerous.

Alexandr stated that he was risking his life to perform the routine. He began his performance by doing a dance around the pole. He then proceeded to swallow the sword. The audience was completely quiet as the man put the sword in his throat.

When he pulled it out, they started cheering. That was not the end of Alexandr’s routine. He decided to test the limits even more by climbing the pole while he swallowed the sword. When he got to the top of the pole, he hung upside down.

The judges were clearly shocked by his performance. Simon even covered his eyes during the performance because he found it eerie to watch. At the end of the performance, both the audience and judges gave Alexandr a standing ovation.