With the recent election of Donald Trump still fresh in the minds of the American people, many can’t help but make comparisons between him and presidents of the past.

One of the most famous presidents from the past is none other than John F. Kennedy, and in Trump the nation sees something that hasn’t occurred since the presidency of JFK, which is the presence of the First Boy.

JFK Jr. was an instant celebrity from the moment the Kennedy family entered the spotlight, but it was John John’s reaction at his father’s funeral that will forever cement him and his father within the minds of the American people.

JFK Junior was an adorable child and a handsome grown man, taking on the legacy of the Kennedy name. There is still a single image of John John as a small child that instantly snags the heartstrings of anyone who sees it.

The iconic image of JFK Jr saluting his father’s coffin as it passed by will forever remind the people that family and country are deeply tied together. While JFK Jr. ended up taking a totally different life path than any of his politician family members, he was still one of the most talked about and respected figures of his time.

Even though the Kennedy family is all but gone now, the family will be burned into the hearts and minds of the American people for generations. Hopefully Barron Trump will be able to live up to the same level of respect in his own time.