With the popularity of smartphones, people are taking more pictures than ever.

We use our phones to capture images of events, scenery, and even everyday experiences. These pictures are then shared on social media. Sometimes a seemingly normal image gets a lot of extra attention. This was the case with this viral photo.

At first glance, it just appears to be a nice shot of three ladies enjoying a day at the park. When you look a little bit closer, you might see why the internet is going crazy over this picture. Nothing looks odd about this image at first, but there is an optical illusion in play.

If you look carefully at the foreground of the image, you will notice that something is missing. It appears that there is no seat on the bench where the women look like they are sitting. We see the back of the bench back, the bench legs, and the three women in a seated posture, but it doesn’t look like there is anything for them to actually be sitting on!

How could this be? The internet is coming up with all kinds of theories about this picture. Some have joked that the women are masters of levitation, while others speculate that there are small pull-out seats that aren’t visible or that the image has been altered.

The most likely solution, though, is that by pushing against the back of the bench, they were able to make it look like they were sitting normally.