Veronika Rocheva is a 23-year-old Instagram model that has been disgraced for posting pictures that were tagged from the nuclear explosion death zone site, Chernobyl. She was also publicly shamed after admitting that she lied when she implied that these racy photos were taken in Pripyat, the completely abandoned and destroyed town in the 19-mile exclusion area of the atomic power station.

This young model, who has been unknown and unnamed until now, has been under fire and criticism all over the world for geotagging these photos so close to the fatal Chernobyl incident that happened in 1986. She has received many angry comments since she first put up those topless pictures of herself wearing lingerie. One user says to her that they are Really sorry but you dont look like a model at all, more like a heartless b**** And someone else wrote a comment that called her another brain dead influencer living dangerously for a photo.

In some of her photos, Veronika is shown to be wearing a hazmat suit and a gas mask. In addition to these racy images, a video has now surfaced that shows the 23-year old in a lesbian kiss scene that is presumed to be a Chernobyl. In this scene, she is once again seen wearing a gas mask. After receiving so much anger and backlash from these photos and posts, the Instagram model decided to apologize publicly, stating that the pictures were taken 2,146 miles away from the Chernobyl explosion. She has admitted that This was not in fact even Pripyat, we did the shoot in a deserted location in Novosibirsk. To this statement she added the words I dont know why we decided to put this geotag. It was all filmed at the deserted location in Novosibirsk. It looked in a way similar to Pripyat and we just tagged the location as Pripyat. We simply didnt expect to get such outburst of negative reaction. We didnt think about the consequences

The young model has also stated that In fact I was doing a vlog about the environment when I got inspired by the HBO documentary Chernobyl series. This is what made us link the location we used for filming to Pripyat, they just looked so equally abandoned.

We thought it would be just our friends watching it, that was it. She also said apologetically, We didnt want in any way to hurt or insult people that went through such a horrendous tragedy. We pay deepest respect to the story of Chernobyl. Even still, this scandal and the attention it has received has increased Veronikas following to about 13,000.

There have been other photos that were able to show the 23-year-old model is from Novosibirsk, which is the largest city in Russias huge Siberia region. She has been seen posing in Akademgorodok as well. This happens to be a town that is known as scientific and university satellite. In addition to this news, Veronika has been seen posing at the Marriott Hotel which is a five-star hotel in the city of Akademgorodok.