When it’s dark in the home because the power is out, you might not be prepared with candles and flashlights.

As long as you have a potato, then you can make a small amount of light so that you can see to get from one room to another. The potato is often used to bake, fry or boil. However, scientists have discovered that there are a few new ways to use them, such as making a small flashlight.

You will need to cut the potato in half in order to use it as a battery that can be used in conjunction with your flashlights or other small lights in the home.

This development could be an energy source in third-world countries since they don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on batteries and other sources for lighting the home.

When you boil a potato before adding a copper and iron plate to the surfaces, you can create more power from the product.

The potato can work for days or weeks as a battery. The findings could benefit millions of people, and you can even light your own home in a pinch as long as you have a few wires and metal plates.