Hypocrisy is rampant in modern society, but some examples are too glaringly obvious to ignore.

One such instance recently occurred when Adolfo Tony Yapias-Delgado, an illegal Mexican immigrant and activist for people in the same situation, was arrested for rape.

The ironic part of the situation is that Adolfo spent the majority of his efforts as an activist trying to convince people that Mexican immigrants aren’t rapists as Donald Trump has implied on numerous occasions. The man allegedly raped a woman after she left him, but it took her some time to come forward with the allegations because she was illegal.

After the rape occurred, Adolfo attempted to reconcile the relationship with the woman, but she refused, stating she just wanted him to leave her alone. He then stole her cell phone and deleted all the texts of their conversations leading up to the evening.

Adolfo admitted under oath that the victim told him she did not want to have sex multiple times, despite the fact she voluntarily got undressed. Presumably, the victim didn’t put up much of a fight for fear of what might happen to her if she did.

For Adolfo to claim that he thought she consented just because he coerced her into the situation shows just how ignorant the man is of the feelings of others. He couldn’t care less about what the victim wanted, but instead only cared about his own pleasure and satisfaction.

Nurses at a local hospital confirmed the victim had injuries consistent with her story.