Betsy Ayala is a 34-year-old singer mother from Houston. After she gave birth to a baby back in 2013, she weighed 262 pounds.

Six months later, her husband sent her a nasty text message. He told her that he had cheated on her with another woman. He also told her that she was fat and disgusting.

Betsy was hurt by this, but she was motivated to make a change in her life.

Betsy worked out six times a week. She also started watching what she ate. She was able to get down to 159 pounds. She stated that losing weight gave her the fresh start at life that she was looking for.

She had prayed for a fresh start. Even though it did not come in the way that she expected it to, she is grateful for it.

Betsy stated that her daughter was her greatest motivation to lose weight. She wants her daughter to look up to her and be proud to have her as a mother. Betsy admitted that she struggled with her weight her entire life.

She got bullied and picked up in school because of her weight. She also suffered from anxiety.

Betsy has forgiven her ex-husband, and they are good friends now. She stated that she lost the weight for herself. She also stated that her weight loss journey helped her to forgive her husband.