At times, hospitals make mistakes. Estelle O’Sullivan delivered twins at a hospital via C-section. It should have been a normal procedure that resulted in two babies for the family. She lost three liters of blood while the procedure was performed.

This resulted in her going into cardiac arrest.Soon after going into cardiac arrest, Estelle died. There was a communications error with the doctors and staff, resulting in Estelle getting the wrong type of blood.

The coroner found out that an emergency button in the operating room didn’t work as it should, which meant that no one really knew what was going on with the patient until it was too late.A midwife ended up rushing through the operating room doors to try to help save the woman. Fluids that were to be given to Estelle were given to another patient.

Estelle was in Wexham Hospital in Berkshire when the horrible mistakes took place. Aside from the wrong paperwork, there were also essential instruments missing from the operating room.

All of these mistakes that took place ended up costing Estelle her life. Doctors knew that she was a high-risk patient, which is why they decided to do a C-section. However, it seems that staff members didn’t know what they were doing on this day.