When many people think about the homeless, they might think that this is a group simply looking for a handout.

There are some who are only looking for a way to get money without working, but there are some who have hit hard times and truly need help to get back on their feet. One man entered a Chic-fil-A to beg for any kind of scraps that the restaurant could offer.

The manager did something touching for the man. The restaurant is located in Tennessee. When a father and daughter saw the homeless man enter the business, they knew that they had to see what would be done by the management. Fortunately, the father posted the activity on his Facebook page.

After the daughter played, she wanted ice cream. As they were walking to the counter, they saw the homeless man.

The man had mud asked on his shoes, and his clothes were ragged. His appearance was less than eye-catching. He was pleasant while talking to the customers and while waiting for the manager.

When the manager talked to the man, he told him that he would give him a free meal instead of scraps. The only thing that the man needed to do in return was to pray with the manager.

The manager did something that many branches across the country do on a daily basis, showing an example for others to follow.