Although John lived on the streets, he was still in the holiday spirit. He decorated a tree and put it in his tent.

Strangers were very kind to the man. They stopped by the man’s tree and helped him put lights on it. However, the city trash workers threw away John’s tree. He tried to chase after the trash truck, but they smashed the tree into bits. All he had left was a blue tent. The city claimed that the man had violated a code by putting up the tree.

News spread throughout the community. People were distraught that the city took away the man’s tree when he was not doing anything wrong. However, John is still going to have a Merry Christmas thanks to the wonderful people in his community.

People stopped by and began giving John things. They even gave him another Christmas tree and decorations. Even though John did not ask for any help, people still wanted to help him. News reporters stopped by to interview John. They asked him what Christmas meant to him. John stated that helping others is the meaning of Christmas.

He also cleared up some of the misconceptions that people have about homeless people. Many people think that homeless people are all bad people. However, John stated that he met other homeless people who are good people.