It’s said that there are some people who have a higher IQ and can figure out puzzles better than others.

There are also some puzzles that are seen online that can determine if you have a high IQ or not. This is a puzzle that only those with a higher IQ can usually solve as it’s very complicated.

This puzzle is one that features sticks of different colors. These sticks have been arranged so that they look like an equation of 6 + 4 = 4. Anyone who sees this equation knows that it’s wrong. The challenge is to only move one stick in order to make the equation correct.

There are four solutions to the problem if you can figure out what they are, but each one has it’s own challenges in determining how to move the sticks. Since the sticks are colored, it seems like it would be a little easier to solve the puzzle.

Make the 6 a 0 by moving the bright green line, and the equation would be correct. There are a few ways to solve the puzzle that involve moving more than one stick, which is technically cheating, but it gives the same results so that you have the right answer to the problem.