Each aspect of modeling comes with its perks. For Chanelle Punton, life as a fitness model affords her the opportunity to embrace expression. Chanelle is known for her vibrant shoots, often posing for fitness magazines and swimsuit glam shots. Her career focus has turned to apply her branding to better the lives of others. Her Instagram is filled with many electric shoots, taking a picturesque view into the life of a model. She has just north of 400,000 followers and stays linked to other social media platforms. Most of her work stems from the outdoors, showing a love for the camera in any hot spot that she ventures to. Her most recent posts detail her passion for her work and her fans. Some of Chanelle’s most recent posts share different aspects of advice to many different fields of interest.

The first field of interest is Chanelle’s fascination with weddings. She comments back and forth with fans on their wedding dresses, shares some of her favorite honeymoon locations, and talks about the importance of selecting the right wedding dress. These interpersonal communication strands help to keep Chanelle in-touch with the outside world and showcase her care for others. Her advice columns are deeply routed to interests, keeping the focus on the user and putting fame to the side. These connections allow for fans to interact with Chanelle on multiple levels.

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Another area that has become a focus for Chanelle is what she eats. Being a fitness model applies a rigorous dietary plan. She prepares her meals by herself or with the help of her personal chefs. Each meal is detailed with the ingredients, process to cooking, and other such additives that allow fans to take a page out of her personal cookbook. Chanelle posts elegant images of her meals and titles the work on her Instagram page. Most of her posts that surround food get as many likes and comments as her glamour shots do. This is a second area where Chanelle becomes very interactive. She takes at lengths about the importance of sticking to a healthy diet. She also addresses the famed interest in cheat days. Most of Chanelle’s cheat days are surrounded by her favorite sweets.

She isn’t shy to post a brownie recipe or a cake delight that makes the mouth water. Chanelle is all about finding that healthy balance to introduce your cravings into your diet without having to worry too much about the additional caloric intake. She is consistently found swapping recipes with users, so if you have a delightful treat that is constantly playing through your head, share it with Chanelle and you might find a new recipe to embark on your baking talents. Chanelle keeps things upbeat and never is short on time for interacting with her followers. Her progressions have allowed many fans to get a peek inside her day-to-day life and all of the fixings that go with her meals. She is one fitness model that is not afraid to take a day off to indulge in some of life’s most delicious treats.