The devotion mothers have toward their young occurs in humans and animals.

It is also not uncommon for all females to have intuition and share concern for each others little ones. These behaviors were aptly demonstrated one sunny morning.

Elderly Gwen Maxwell was in her Phoenix, Arizona home when she heard unusual howling coming from her yard.

A glance out a window revealed a coyote pup writhing on the ground and covered in cholla cactus spines. His little head and paws were completely hidden by the painful spikes.

Maxwell promptly called for assistance.
Pebblebrook Golf Course worker Jose Soto and facility assistant superintendent Shawn Bordine soon arrived on the scene.

The three began approaching the struggling pup when they noticed the coyote mother mere steps away. All stopped abruptly unsure of how the mother might react. Amazingly, she quietly stood in place as if hopeful that help had arrived.

No longer fearful of being attacked, the adults approached the pup and began removing the spines with pliers.
As the men worked to rescue the little canine from his miserable situation, the youngster never attempted to bite and remained quite calm.

All continually monitored the mother’s behavior. Nevertheless, she seemed to understand the team was merely there to help. With the spines removed, Maxwell and the men thoroughly gave the pup the once over, as they inspected the extent of the little one’s injuries.

However, outside of a few minor scrapes, he appeared fine. He was gently put on the ground, and he quickly scampered to his mother.