Every falls on hard times during their lifetime. You’re short on your bills, the changes you made aren’t producing results, or you’re just stuck; we’ve all been there. Rising from the ashes and living to see a better tomorrow is the way that Katelyn Runck built her brand. Runck was heavily involved with runway modeling from an early age. She would change her eating habits, change the way she acted, and attack her own personal being in order to suppress the feeling of loneliness and heartbreak. Runck’s intentions started as good but would fail her many times along the way. She wasn’t living the healthy lifestyle that she had portrayed for so many. Taking a look in the mirror really helped her pick herself back up. Runck started to produce content that could be viewed by others via social media platforms and other related outlets. Applying her whole self to her story and getting her words out for others to hear was a big weight lifted off her shoulders. Chronicling her discourse and vowing to never follow that suit again led her to the life of becoming a fitness coach, a wellness inspiration, and a personal success story for all to model around.

Runck embraced modeling once again, but leaned on different laurels this second go around. In 2018, she applied for competitions that sought fitness and beauty. She had internalized her true beauty for so long that she forgot how to embrace it on the exterior. Placing a focus on a healthy diet and a structured eating plan would lead her to become a professional at this competition level. After going pro, Runck delivered her message to even more followers. Extensions of outreach came from all corners of the globe. Runck had built a following of over 1 million users in just over a year. This change to her lifestyle was her true saving grace.

Today, Runck applies her time effectively. She is often brought in by promotional teams to speak on their behalf and share her personal experiences with the world. Public speaking has become second nature for Runck and she can often be found giving speeches at many major events and showcases. Her story is what people grasp onto. Her developments have also led to many new brand attractions. She vows to work with fitness industry professionals that keep their content clean and free of harmful preservatives. She is all about the organic structure of a company and she now delivers herself on the same platforms and perspectives. Runck continues to grow her likeness via social media involvement. Her Instagram page is filled with many different forms of content that foster new forms of learning for fitness gurus, introduce the world inside her day-to-day life, and detail the background of what it is like to live a happy and lavish life. This coach has got it all in spades and her brand will continue to grow as her establishments continue to develop at this rapid pace.