Conway Twitty never made it to the GRand Ole Opry. There is one man who made sure to sing his songs while he was singing at the famous music location.

Scotty McCreery is a coutnry singer who won “American Idol.” Ever since, he has released ballads and a few upbeat tunes. There are very few people who have been able to showcase Conway Twitty’s hits like McCreery did while at teh Opry.

He started to sing “Hello Darlin'”, but he put his own spin on the song. His beautiful voice captured the attention of those in the audience. McCreery has been at the Grand Ole Opry several times since winning the popular music show in 2011.
He has released a Christmas album, and a few of his songs have reached the top of the charts in a short time. He is also scheduled to begin touring on December 1, 2016.

When McCreery starts to sing Conway Twitty’s hit, you can hear the soulful voice and the emotion that he puts into all of his songs. Many of the people in the audience clap and cheer as soon as the first notes of the song come out of McCreery’s mouth.

Here are some comments on social media:

“I loved Conway Twitty, his music spoke to me from a place deep in my heart. I’ve always been skeptical and a bit protective when another artist ‘tries’ to sing one of his biggest hits. When this ‘still wet behind the ears’, young man started this iconic song I crossed my arms over my chest and thought, ‘go ahead junior’, give it your best. WOW! Young Mr Mccreery surprised the bejesus out of me. He did an absolutely wonderful job on this song, one of Conway’s biggest hits. It’s nice to know we really do have country singers out there. Our type of music is not dead. Thank you, Scotty! You made a fan. Thank you very much.”

“im an old school purist on country music, but i have to give credit here. this guy gets it, and he sounded great and did a true version….and not an easy task with this song. he has my respect. conway is a legend and a favorite of mine, and this really got me. its a shame this kid has to be wasted in this garbage era of country music. id like to hear the music he could of made 30 or 40 yrs ago.”

“He should be the leading country music star.
Not that skinny jeans mess called Luke Bryan nor those wannabe rappers called Florida Georgia Line nor that fake redneck called Blake Shelton nor that pile of crap called Jason Aldean.
This boy’s got the voice. This boy’s got COUNTRY in his genes. He’s got authenticity and talent.”

“BRILLIANT!! OUTSTANDING!! Scotty REALLY knows how to sing COUNTRY music! I keep listening to it over and over and over….. He is my fave of faves! I can’t wait to buy his next single coming out soon and album next fall. He is incredible in concert so I will be seeing him at his own concert again soon and with Rascal Flatts this summer 2015. Scotty is a wonderful treasure!
Scotty, Scotty, Scotty….Goosies! Thank you Grand Ole Opry! ”