Snakes are found in almost every climate on earth. These reptiles are hard to kill.

They can be frozen, starved or drowned and they’ll keep on slithering.

As this horrifying video from Maine shows, they can even be cut in half with a chainsaw! A fair warning: Don’t watch this video before eating or going to bed. It’s seriously disturbing, and many viewers are unable to even watch the whole thing.

The amateur arborist was not expecting to find this scary surprise when he cut down a tree. He was shocked and disgusted when he saw the bisected reptile still inside.

When it started to move, he freaked out. As you can see in the video, he cursed up a storm as the snake slowly moved its body out of the tree trunk.

Authorities have not publicly identified the species of snake yet, but the town of Westbrook, where this video was shot, has been plagued by a rogue python.

These exotic snakes are often released by their owners when they grow too big to handle, and they have serious survival skills. Florida has been trying to get rid of them for years, but they just keep breeding in the wild Everglades no matter how fast authorities deal with them.

Maine residents thought they were safe because the harsh winters would kill off or drive away pythons. Based on this video, the snakes might just curl up inside a tree for a long nap and emerge in the spring.