There are many commercials produced each holiday season. Many of these holiday commercials are touching and endearing. However, most of them end up being forgotten.

There are always new commercials to produce, and most people aren’t interested in reviewing the old ones. However, an old commercial from the Toys for Tots charity has found a second life almost 20 years later.

Produced in 1997, we a see stern member of the United States Marine Corps looking straight ahead. Nearly every American understands this is how a Marine standing at attention is supposed to look. He is not to be distracted by anyone or anything. However, in the commercial, the Marine is approached by a little boy to ask a few questions.

The camera examines the boy from the floor, and it makes the Marine look extremely powerful and intimidating. In fact, the Marine actually doesn’t even acknowledge the boy.

This is even after the boy looks up to ask a question. He asks, “Excuse me? Excuse me? Are you Santa Claus?” Of course, the Marine dutifully ignores the boy. However, not giving up hope, the boy says, “If you are him, here is my list.” He then tries to hand the Marine his list. Suddenly, a voice explains the Toys for Tots charity, and the Marine discretely opens his hand to accept the list.

It’s a Christmas miracle. The Marine breaks decades of protocol to provide a little boy with Christmas joy. What do you think of this commercial? Let us know below!