When people leave their parents and grandparents at a nursing home, they expect their elders to be treated with love and compassion.

Unfortunately, 84-year-old Minnie Graham received quite the opposite at Dallas’ “Garaland’s Winters Park” .

After being diagnosed with dementia and her health continuing to decline, Graham’s family figured the best and safest solution was to put her in this well-known nursing home, where she could receive the help and care she needed throughout all hours of the day.

However, Minnie’s granddaughters begin noticing bruises on her body and face after nearly a year of being under the facility’s care. When inquiring about these bruises, her granddaughter, Shirley Ballard, was simply told, “She fell out of her wheelchair,” among numerous other excuses.

Feeling that the nurses were not being forthright, Ballard’s family decided to put a camera in their grandmother’s room to finally get to the truth. What they found was appalling.

Caretakers Brenna Tiller and a man named Luis were caught doing the unspeakable. The video showed them pushing, hitting, cursing, mocking, yanking, pinching and being outright abusive to the frail and defenseless Minnie.

The video even shows her crying out for help with no savior coming to her rescue. While the two were arrested, nothing came of it, and Tiller continues to work in other nursing homes.

Sadly, Minnie passed away a few short weeks after this footage came to light and will never know if there was justice for her abuse.