The Christmas season is a time when you begin to see trees, lights and other decorations. Another common sight is the gingerbread house.

There are people who build small houses to enjoy with their family and friends, and there are people who will go to the extreme to make gingerbread houses that are larger than life. In New York City, you can walk through a life-size village made of gingerbread houses.

The village is located in Madison Square Park.

The houses look like they could be from “Hansel and Gretel.” Ginger bricks are used to make the houses along with candies and frosting. Peppermint sticks and gum drops are also used for decorations.Each house is different in the way that it looks.

You can go inside each house to view the virtual details, like a Christmas tree and a marshmallow snowman. This event is sponsored by Folgers.

In previous years, those walking through the village could drink coffee provided by the company while they saw the sweet treats on the homes. Candy isn’t provided to enjoy, but you can have it with you while you’re taking a tour.

It’s sometimes best to see the village in the evening so that you can see the lights that adorn the homes.