Imagine the year 1863, between July 1st and 3rd, because that is the date of the famous Battle of Gettysburg.

It was considered the key moment in the Civil War for the North. Confederate General Robert E Lee’s troops of Virginia invaded Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in a second attack.

Fierce fighting continued, but Union artillery fire held on, pushing back the Confederate forces to Virginia. Many lives were lost during the Battle of Gettysburg with huge casualties, including some 51,000 deaths, wounded, captured or listed as missing.

Visitors love traveling to the iconic battlefield, now known as the Gettsyburg National Military Park.

They enjoy the amazing history and old cannons that mark the spot. Some folks believe the area is haunted with the spirit of dead soldiers who make their appearance during quiet, still nights in Gettysburg.

In fact, there are ghost hunters who claim to have captured these spectacular images on video.

A couple of men in their car, approached the famous site and sat inside with a camera focused on a couple of cannons nearby. They were ready to record anything out of the ordinary, and boy, did they ever.

At around the 1;45 videotape mark, someone appeared out of thin air. The incredible evidence can be viewed here at YouTube by Yankee Reb. It’s a soldier in uniform with his military cap on, walking up to the cannons.

Within seconds, his paper thin, ghostly image evaporates. The videographers are stunned, and you will be also.