A mother got the surprise of her life when she entered a bathroom in Lancaster, California. The bathroom had a cell phone behind the sink. The woman’s five year-old son noticed the cell phone before she did. He asked her why there was a phone underneath the sink. The woman was horrified because she stated that it was a violation of a privacy. She also stated that it not only violated her personal privacy, but it also violated her son’s privacy.

Joseph Fender was the police officer who was called to the scene. He stated that the cell phone was recording what was going on inside of the bathroom. However, he was not able to tell what the video showed. There have not been any arrests made yet. This incident occurred at a Starbucks. Jaime Riley, who is the spokesperson for Starbucks, released a statement about the incident.

James stated that he is deeply disturbed by the incident. He also stated that Starbucks is committed to making sure that everyone in the restaurant is safe. Additionally, James stated that the employees acted quickly and called the authorities. The police do not know how long the cell phone was in the bathroom.