A recent discovery of a World War II-era bullet inspired curiosity and wonder in a wide variety of people.

This global war was such a massive event that it is not uncommon for people to find shell casings and other combat detritus left over from the war-torn era.

Continental Europe was deeply scarred by years of fighting, to the point where anyone with a metal detector can find spent World War II-era shell casings from Spain to Russia.

Still, this recent discovery of a bullet in Italy truly stands out. Amazingly, the bullet contained a piece of paper containing some type of coded message. A find of this type is very rare and potentially historically important.

While the exact contents of the message are not yet known, the rare nature of a find like this ensures that the bullet’s discoverers are likely besides themselves with satisfaction.

The enigmatic bullet would have remained lost forever if it weren’t for the Italian sleuths and their ordinary metal detectors.

Originally used in the fields of mining and medicine, the metal detector ultimately became an important part of anti-mine activities during wartime.

As we see, metal detector enthusiasts are doing their part to fill in the blank spots in the canvas of history.

In all likelihood, the sleuths that found this fascinating historical item are now emboldened to continue searching for lost yet noteworthy items.