When it comes to applying yourself to a career of film, modeling, and on-screen presence, the lights can sometimes be too bright. Sophie found out quickly that life in the fast lane moves at a very quick pace. She started as an film actress when she was only 19-years-old. This calling made a successful stint of work for the actress from Manchester. She was viewed for many different on-screen roles, applying her presence in many different films and settings. This work caught on with a growing fan base. Sophie took a few years away from the industry in pursuit of other goals. Her passion was to be a lead designer for a fashion mogul. This passion led to her work with a modeling agency in the UK. She continued to fight and claw with the can-do attitude needed to embrace the world of designing. She worked closely with lead designers on their upcoming works, lending a hand to the production value of these companies and modeling the results to garnish a higher focus of marketing talent. This line of work made for a successful career breakthrough for Sophie as she was able to leave the world of film and exchange it for her passion.

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Sophie still keeps a heavy focus with on-screen presence. She models for commercial stints and keeps smaller roles within her library of commitments to ensure that the recognition phase hasn’t overstayed its welcome. She is also a public speaker and can be found giving many different talks and speeches on many different topics of interest. She has even spent some time working as a reporter for a smaller company in the UK. This topical fieldwork has allowed her to remain on-screen while still pursuing her passions in modeling and design.

Before her Instagram account was hacked over a year ago, Sophie had a steady income of over 500,000 followers. She recreated her official page, which has already garnished the likes of over 100,000 followers. Social media is regarded as a platform of release for Sophie. She shares anything that is plaguing her and requests the conversational tone in her delivered content. Her fans meet her expressions with their own stories and personal interest bits. Keeping her social interactions filled with positive messages and inspiring stories allows Sophie to use her personal branding for better. Her inspiration outreach extends to all corners of the globe with her presence in multiple regions of the world. Her work has attracted many different walks of life, so the diversity she has established with her fan base is something she enjoys. She is a very outgoing person and is the first to share any content or stories from her latest travels, modeling gigs, or appearances. Sophie continues to pursue her dreams of becoming a designer and is on the cusp of doing so with a few different providers. Her work will become an extension to a brand of positivity that designates with nearly a million different people across her many different platforms of interest.