Veterans have it rough in America, which isn’t how it should be at all.

Many veterans have a difficult time adjusting to normal life after returning from the horrors of war, and now there are two men working to help those struggling warriors get back on their feet. In Flint, Michigan, these two men are converting an old house into a center where homeless veterans can return to a standard life.

The home they are converting is quite large, and it includes six bedrooms and a number of social areas. The home is nearly 100 years old, and it provides the perfect peaceful solution to the problems that many veterans face.

The house is located in the College-Cultural area of the city, and the men are working hard to furnish and modernize the house as much as possible. They’ve switched out all the lightbulbs with powerful and efficient LEDs, and they have worked to seal every drafty space so as to increase heating and cooling efficiency.

They’ve installed low-flow toilets that will save tons of water, and the walls will be insulated with foam to help keep utilities at their lowest. The goal is to make the house as cheap to operate as possible so that the veterans living there can remain financially independent. Not only will the home operate as a center for affordable living, but the two men who started the foundation will offer counseling services to those who want or need them.

They will also help veterans find enrollment at one of the local institutions of higher learning, such as Mott Community College or the University of Michigan-Flint.

House in Flint's College-Cultural area being made energy efficient and comforting.